Hi all,

I wanted to let you know that the district agreed to the request we made at Interests and Issues last week about allowing staff to have one late start Wednesday a month available to them for personal planning time. We have signed the MOU and principals have been notified. The agreement will run through the remainder of the year with the last late start Wednesday of each month being teacher directed.

The Wednesdays are:

January 26

February 23

March 30

April 27

May 25

I will update building reps and members but wanted all of you to know.






Happy Friday all,


I wanted to give each of you an update on the status of the 2021-22 COVID MOU conversations that have been taking place with the district.  ESPCP and CPEA met with the district again yesterday to discuss terms of a COVID MOU the purpose of which is to provide health, safety and leave protections for our members.  I would like to share that at the conclusion of our discussion we reached a tentative agreement.




As I have shared in prior messages, things like PPE, social distancing, capacity, health screenings, COVID exposure, air quality, as well as cleaning and disinfecting are all requirements at the direction of the Washington State Health Department, Washington State Labor and Industries or the Tacoma Pierce County Health Department. The decision to have all students in class was determined by the governor’s office and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Any decision to move a school or district back to hybrid or virtual instruction is a health department decision.




There are 4 specific topics that I want to point out to all of you –


Item 1:  We are going to follow the supervision language in the current collective bargaining agreement. That means no one should expect to have duty more than 5 times in a month. I know that some elementary schools do that already. No one will be expected to cover every day. If someone chooses to open their classroom early and allow students in, they may, it is not a “have to”.


Item 5: Workplace COVID Exposure Leave – “If an employee is directed to use leave due to workplace exposure no personal, sick, or vacation leave will be deducted from the employee’s leave bank. Workplace exposure will be determined based on contact tracing completed by the District based on TPCHD and DOH guidelines. COVID/Quarantine leave shall be retroactive to September 1, 2021.” Note: the amount of time off will be determined by individual needs per the DOH guidance. If for example, if it is determined per health department guidance that someone needs 10 days of COVID leave, none of those days will be deducted from sick leave or personal leave.


Item 6: Contracting COVID 19 – “The determination of whether the exposure occurred on-site will be based on contact tracing done by the District based on TPCHD and DOH guidelines. When a determination is not possible, the employee may submit a District Declaration Form asserting that the exposure was in connection with their assignment.”  Note: This means the employee will have the opportunity to say how it’s work related, if necessary.  


Item 7: For employees who go through the process of non-disciplinary termination (because they aren’t vaccinated and don’t qualify for an exemption), the employee will have access to recall per the appropriate section of the CBA should they choose to later get the vaccine or the mandate be rescinded and a vacant position is available. This layoff pool will expire on August 31, 2022.




Exec board is recommending the rep council approve the MOU for the 2021-22 school year. Please review the proposed MOU and give feedback to your building reps prior to the rep council meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21st. If the MOU is approved it will become effective as soon as it has been signed by both the association and the district. ESPCP has a separate document which has been signed and has taken effect so this vote has no bearing on their part of the agreement.




Additionally, if you have not voted (via secret ballot) on your building reps please do, so each of our buildings can be represented. I ask that one person from each building email me to let me know who will be attending the rep council meeting on Tuesday at 4:30pm so we can get the Zoom link sent to them. The meeting will be virtual. 




I am hearing of issues from specific buildings and programs and those will be addressed individually. I have a couple of meetings scheduled now and will be scheduling more in the coming days. Don’t forget, if you have a concern about COVID protocols being followed go directly to your COVID manager. If they are not quickly addressed, please bring it to my attention. My email address is  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you have questions and/or concerns please make certain you contact your building rep so we can get them addressed.




Lastly, I want you to know you are all amazing and I am continually in awe of the work you do!


Be well,





Clover Park EA & Clover Park SD CBA


CPEA Members,

It is my pleasure to announce the 2021 election results. These results were approved at the CPEA representative council last night, April 20th. The term of these election is two (2) years and will begin following the NEA RA in July 2021. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve,

Kathleen Friend, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committe




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Frequently Asked Questions: Freedom Foundation vs. WEA


  1. What is the Freedom Foundation?


    • According to information from its website, the Freedom Foundation is a non-profit political action group created 25 years ago in Washington State to oppose collective bargaining and union advocacy through the use of lawsuits and media campaigns. They have sued for the right to access union membership lists as part of their mission. They are funded by ultra-rightwing conservative donors like the Koch brothers and other industrialists who would like to privatize public education and take away your right to organize and advocate for better pay and working conditions. [Read more  . . . ]