The Equity Team (formally called  Human and Civil Rights group) in Soundview is led by co-chairs, Sarah Nainby and Yolanda Haskins. The work of the committee is to support educators as well as students. The focus is to work with teachers and support staff to develop space and program with the intention of creating equitable, humane and culturally responsive classrooms and school environments.


 yolanda haskins

 Yolanda Haskins


Sarah Nainby

 Sarah Nainby



Equity Team Meetings


Every month on the last Monday, the Equity team meets at 4:30 pm. Our vision is to have our union supporting “diversity and encourage[ing] educational equity, social justice, and cultural awareness in order to increase collaboration and global citizenship.” In these meetings we spend time on these four tenets:


  1. Ethnic Minority Leadership
  2. Recruiting and Retaining Educators of Color
  3. Professional Development Training
  4. Community Outreach


Mission Statement

Soundview UniServ’s Equity Team, at our core, is a safe space for BIPOC to find support, share experiences, heal, and take action towards cultivating an anti-racist culture that dismantles oppressive systems and amplifies ethnic minority members for the liberation of our educators (certificated and classified), students and community.


Distrupter Celebrations - Members Doing the Work