The Equity Team (formally called  Human and Civil Rights group) in Soundview is led by co-chairs, Sarah Nainby and Filma Fontanilla. The work of the committee is to support educators as well as students. The focus is to work with teachers and support staff to develop space and program with the intention of creating equitable, humane and culturally responsive classrooms and school environments.


 Filma Fontanilla

thumbnail IMG 1206 Sarah Nainby


The Equity Team mebers of Soundview were delegates at the 2019 WEA Representative Assembly. At this RA, the 1000+ delegates directed your union to train up to 40 members on NEA's LGBTQ+ training modules. A special note of appreciation to Clover Park EA's Filma Fontanilla for her work on this and to the team working on making this a success. 

Please stay tuned to hear more about future trainings.