signresizedWho/What is  "Soundview UniServ" ?


UniServ (short for Unified Service) councils are the regional offices with staff members who deliver the expertise and programs available through the WEA to members at the local level. (And no, we don't know why they dropped the 'e' from 'UniServ'!)


While you might be familiar with your own union association, you may not be aware that your union/local/association is served by the Soundview UniServ Council. Soundview is affiliated with the Washington Education Association (92,000+ members) and the National Education Association (nearly 3 million members).


We are one of 21 regional council offices in the WEA. We serve 2,500 employees in 8 locals in Clover Park, University Place, and Steilacoom School Districts along with Bates Technical College. Our unions represent teachers, counselors, OT/PTs, psychologists, secretaries, bus drivers, para-educators, food service workers, custodians, grounds maintenance, mechanics and pro-tech employees. Our Classified members make up 43% of the total membership, and in fact, Soundview represents the highest percentage of classified employees in the WEA.

The eight unions served by Soundview UniServ are:

  • Bates Technical College Professional Technical Employees
  • Clover Park Education Association
  • Educational Support Personnel of Clover Park
  • University Place Education Association
  • University Place Classified Association
  • University Place Office Professionals
  • Steilacoom Education Association
  • Steilacoom Classified Education Association


Who Are The Staff?

Council staff in the WEA is likely to include a mix of former classroom teachers, classified employees, lawyers, labor law experts, organizers, mediators, bargaining specialists and support staff.

Our Soundview staff is made up of UniServ Representative, Jeff Wood. Jeff is a former teacher from Steilacoom Education Association. Associate staff and Organizer, Jo Wood, is a Information Technology and Communications specialist from Bates Technical College, a WEA affiliate. Elected Council President and WEA Board Member, Jim Schell, is a teacher at Clover Park High School in Clover Park School District.

These staff members help local associations with bargaining, contract enforcement, grievances, arbitration, research, communications, professional growth and training opportunities, community outreach, political action, certification public relations and numerous other areas.



How Do Local Associations Fit In?

Local associations elect delegates or representatives to our council. These delegates attend the representative council meetings and have the opportunity to vote on council issues and take action regarding major policy and spending decisions.