We each play a part in supporting students through building relationships and reinforcing their resiliancy. Use their voice and along the way- they will demonstrate their perseverance. Here are a few resources available that may help you on your journey. 


Freak the Mighty (I’m secondary, though) so I’m not sure your grade level? What I like about this is also when there are parents who “hover” this novel is “safe”. 

“This Book is Antiracist” by Tiffany Jewell is meant for kids to approach issues of race within their own context. There are writing prompts and built in. 

“Wonder” by Rj Palaci

Online Videos

Show documentaries about the Children’s March

Restorative Justice in the Classroom

Look up NAACP Youth Coalition of Seattle on YouTube and you can show real life students

https://bettinalove.com/ "This book is exactly what we need - a powerful indictment of our education system as an industry which robs dark children of their potential. Dr. Love challenges us to become abolitionists" — Mandy Manning, 2018 National Teacher of the Year