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Why WEA-PAC? Join the 39,000 strong political action committee. Together we elect people who  make decisions that affect our classrooms, our working conditions, our worksites, our paychecks, our families and our students.


Join WEA-PAC Now!

Chose your level! You can now join for $2.25 a month, $5 a month or $10.50 a month.

K-12 WEA members can join by submtting a WEA-PAC Payroll Authorization form to join WEA-PAC.  

WEA-Retired, Higher Ed and Student WEA members can join here.

$20.21 for 2021 Fundraising Drive!

WEA-PAC members are being asked to make a one-time additional donation of $20.21 to help rebuild our PAC fund.

Why do I need to be interested in politics?

This ability to recognize the way things need to be done in order to ensure success in public education is as important as your daily interactions with colleagues, parents, principals, supervisors, and the superintendent. Here are a few reasons how politics affect your life daily:


  • gives us a voice to fight for increased education funding, higher school quality and improved compensation.
  • helps to elect candidates who will put children and public education first.
  • gives us a strong voice in the debate over key issues - including funding, class size, compensation and accountability and more.
  • is a powerful voice in lobbying for the right kind of education reform. By being members of WEA-PAC we can work together to help children, strengthen our schools and improve compensation. Remember, recommendations are based on substantive educational issues only.
  • supports activities to help protect the interests of education employees, and give us a better chance of winning improved compensation, health benefits and protecting collective bargaining rights.

You in Politics!

2018 is the McCleary victory: Billions for Washington K-12 public schools and students. The state Supreme Court ruled in June, 2018 that the state's new public education is finally in compliance with the court's 2012 McCleary decision. WEA members in school districts across the state then negotiated historic pay increases for both certificated and classified education support professionals.

2014 voter-approved I-1351 for smaller class sizes!
You successfully collected over 300,000 signatures to get Initiative 1351 onto the ballot. Additionally, you successfully connected with voters through door belling and phonebanking to get out the vote to pass I-1351. This is now law!

Statewide one day walk outs
! In 2015, we have been standing side by side with community members taking an incredible stand for students by walking out against the Legislature's failure to adequately address smaller class sizes, health care and educator compensation. As I'm writing this, elected officials are in their second special session in Olympia struggling to fully fund our public education system and showing a shocking display of politics over policy.

Election 2012 a decidedly pro-education victory!
80% of our Washington Education Association Political Action Committee's (WEAPAC) pro-education endorsed candidates were elected during this last general election. The legislative session started January 14, 2013 and is scheduled to adjourn April 28th. Check out the OurVoice link here to follow the legislative session news and how it will affect you and your job or you can text OurVoice at 41411.

What is WEA-PAC?

WEA-PAC is Washington Education Association's Political Action Committee. WEA-PAC supports candidates (school board, senators, state representatives, governor and more), regardless of party, who champion the needs of public education. Based on input from local WEA-PAC members, WEA-PAC Board Managers meet and determine how the political candidates stand on the issues that affect our members, our schools and our students.

We look for strong candidates who are willing to stand up for public education.

Is the politics in Olympia frustrating?
Yes. It's also a great reminder that we need to elect candidates based on their support for our schools and students. We need candidates who will advocate for a well-funded education system as well as hold the line on threats to educators, students and public schools. We have school board and other local races up for election.

Who can join?

WEA-PAC collects voluntary contributions and uses those funds for political purposes including, but not limited to, making contributions to and expenditures on behalf of pro-public education candidates in the state of Washington.

Making a contribution is neither a condition of employment nor membership in the Association, and members have the right to refuse to contribute. WEA-PAC contributions are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal tax purposes.

So, thank you to WEAPAC members.
By being a member of WEA-PAC you help elect the best candidates running for office.

WEA-PAC Payroll Deduction

1. How does WEA-PAC payroll deduction work? Simply sign the bottom of the WEA-PAC Payroll Deduction Authorization form and mail it to Jo Wood at Soundview or turn in to your building rep. You can also sign-up online, simply click here to get started. 

2. How much do I have deducted? The PK-12 payroll deduction is $27.00 per year - ($2.25 per month for 12 months) - no more, no less. These deductions are ongoing year after year until you notify WEA and your school district to discontinue. If you are in higher-education, this deduction looks differently. Check out how to join PAC.

3. When do my WEA-PAC payroll deductions begin? You can file a WEA-PAC payroll deduction authorization at any time. The payroll deduction amount is never retroactive or prorated; you pay $2.25 per month no matter what time of year you sign up.

4. Am I required to report my WEA-PAC payroll contribution? No. WEA will provide contributors' names to the PDC (Public Disclosure Commission) as required by law.