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Meet Renee Verone

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"Renee has been teaching Social Studies at Curtis High School since 2001. When I asked her what her favorite subject was when she was a student she said ALL of them. Renee has been active in University Place Education Association for most of her career..."                     -- jo benedetti



What makes you happy?

Birthday parties. Not just my own, but ANYBODY celebrating any age.  Actually...I think parties in general make me smile.


What irks you? Over courteous drivers.


If you won the lottery besides donating it to charity, how would

you spend it? After I paid off all of my student loans?  TRAVELING...anywhere and everywhere. It is a life dream to visit not only all 50 states, but all 190+ countries around the world. Oh yeah...I also have a thrill seeking need to ride the biggest and best roller coasters so I would definitely hit each of them as I jet set around the world.


What have you recently loaded on your iPod? Andy Caldwell's Obsession


What book(s) are you likely to re-read ? The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou


What's your favorite TV commercial? (or TV show?) I love the mattress commercials that are produced by the crazy owner in a bad suit who sings his own jingle and dances a little jig at the end. Ridiculous.


Where would you like to live? Actually, I really like living in Tacoma. But I fanaticize about Italy...anywhere in Italy.


If you weren't working in WEA, what would you like to do as a

career? I've always wanted to open a Italian deli with my father where we would make Verone's sausage and grandma's Italian pastries.


In what way are you most likely to embarrass yourself? I am a HUGE klutz.  If you hang out with me long enough I will drop, break and knock over something and it will be really loud.


In what way do you make your family proud? That's a tough one...I know my family admires the time and energy I've put into my career, but they are most proud of the grandson I produced for them.


What do you do for fun? Whenever possible I like to hike, cook or go out to dinner, spend time with my family at our lake place, go dancing with friends and hit the movie theater with my son.


What's the best thing you ever brought to show and tell? The only thing I can remember about show and tell is being REALLY nervous about speaking in front of the group.


What do you value most about your friends? Honesty and the ability to say "I'm sorry".