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Louie Farrell serves as Treasurer in the University Place Classified Association and is also an active delegate to the Soundview UniServ Council. She started driving a bus in UPSD in 2004 when her daughter was a little girl. In April I interviewed Louie (whose real name is LouAnne, though she prefers Louie). One of the first things you notice about her, besides her positive attitude, is her beautiful long hair.  -- jo

Your hair is so long! When was the last time you cut it? I cut it short about 16 years ago when my daughter was a baby. It was too much too handle and would get wrapped around her little fingers and toes.

What show on TV do you never miss? I watch the news regularly. CSI, House, Law and Order.

What movie can you see over and over again? Indiana Jones--- I want to be right there exploring with him!

So I'm assuming your favorite actor would be Harrison Ford? I don't care how old Harrison Ford gets, he still is a hottie to me.

Harrison Ford, seriously?.. hotter than Johnny Depp? Johnny Depp is a play toy, every young girl's dream. I like him. He is quite yummy, but Harrison Ford is the fine wine that has only gotten better with age.

What traits do you look for in a friend? I want someone who will tell me the truth, even when I don't like the answer. I don't want someone to "hang out" with. They need to have your own life and not rely on me to be their only source of happiness. They must also love to try different kinds of food. Then go home. Oh, and I do NOT want to go grocery shopping with them.

I love your answer and totally agree! Good. I have had friends in the past who were happy to fold my laundry with me and would wait to do their shopping until I said I was going. My day is too full to keep time with bored people.  (Oh, I would love to have the phone number of that friend who folds your laundry!)

What famous person would you like to meet? I wouldn't mind sitting down with President Obama. I have a few ideas I would like to talk about with him.

I often see you write positive stuff on your Facebook page about your job. What do you like most about it? The people I work with are amazing! We care for one another in a way that I haven't experienced in any other work setting. When you get to work, there is an energy of friendship and caring. With the children, I am sometimes the first adult, the first smiling face, and the first person who cares how they start their day. I can make a difference on how their day starts and how their day in school ends. A child may tell me they don't ever want to ride my bus again, I just say, "that is too bad because I enjoy having you here." And then that same child will wave to me in the grocery store with a smile on their face. All kids are good. It is a wonderful challenge to have them show you how GREAT they can be.

Who/What impresses you? My mother. She, for the most part, retired last year to be a stay-at-home grandma for my nephew. She has full custody of a 2 year old.

Who/What do you think is ridiculous? Reality TV. We have enough of that already without them trumping up made up reality. Most of the shows are more hurtful to our society then beneficial. How many teen pregnancy shows do we need to watch anyway? Snookie is famous because she is funny, young, and a drunk. What message does that send?

What do you do for fun? I love going to the movies (no mushy stuff and I don't want to cry.) Live theatre, estate sales, garage sales, reading, and spending time with my family.

What's the coolest thing you've ever found at an estate sale or garage sale? Everything is a treasure! I was happy to find an eyeglass holder like I had when I was a kid. My husband gets thrilled over his Griswald cast iron skillet. I paid 25 cents for a first addition Betty Crocker cook book. It was in the middle of the stack. I was so excited that I pulled it out from the middle and knocked the rest down. I bought a trumpet, and a clarinet. The clarinet cost me only $10.00!

What book would you recommend? Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A Heinlein. If you read it you will be hooked on Heinlein. I am also a huge Terry Brooks, Ann Rule, Dean Koontz, and Douglass Clegg fan. I read fantasy, horror, and true crime. Anne Rule is from here and writes about local murders like Bundy.

I read that Ted Bundy book too! For a week I looked at people I worked with as if they too could be a serial killer! Did you read the Diane Downing book too? I did! I often wonder what makes people the way that they are.  I don't have that kind of anger or depression. I think a nice hot bath, a book, and bed will take care of most of the anxiety and anger from the previous day. If not, then it is time to get help.

What do you do that makes your family crazy? I had to ask them that one and it made me laugh! I enuciate my words!

I've never noticed that before but I am going to start paying attention now! Oh, it is the same thing they pick on me about at work. We all have our quirks! I am who I am.

If you won the lottery and had to spend it only on yourself, how would you spend it? I would be visiting lots of exotic places.

Where would you go first? I loved Costa Rica! I would like to go to Africa and go on a safari, but without killing anything.

What makes you laugh? Americas Funniest Home Videos. My daughter says it is cruel. I laugh sometimes to where I am crying.... people being themselves. We are funny creatures, trying to act so prim and proper.

What makes you sad? Anyone hurting. People fighting.

What's the best thing you've ever done, (besides have children?) In other words, how are you proud of yourself? Marrying the boy I met when I was 12. I can't say it has always been an easy ride, but one worth staying on. We had to dig through car and couch seats together just to scrape enough money up to live on until the next payday. To this day we still won't eat Hamburger Helper or drink Kool Aid in our house. It has been a great adventure! I am proud of myself for the morals that I stick to and how I care about people. I don't believe I have done the best thing yet. I hope not. (What a cool answer!)

Do you have anything you want to add? This probably is more than you wanted. I will take no offense if you go "Oh, my gosh, she is crazy. Let's do someone else!"

On the contrary, Louie. This is one of my favorite interviews!